Monthly Archives: July 2018

Female Trucker Loves Life Behind the Wheel of Her 44 Tonne Lorry

We love a feel good story and this one about  just needed to be shared. According to an article in Portsmouth News, Katie is a 24 year old woman with a degree in photography and a huge love of trucking. ‘I have always loved lorries,’ said Katie. ‘Even as a child when I would go on family holidays… Read more »

UK Weather Was So Hot Entire Lorries Melted into the Road

It might be hard to believe but, during the recent scorching weather in the UK, entire lorries were melting into the road. Yes, you read correctly. During the 33C heatwave a bin lorry sank into a melted road in Newbury, Berkshire, which resulted in the truck blocking an entire street. Read the full article and view… Read more »

Jaltest 18.2 AGV Software Update Released

The Jaltest 18.2 AGV software update has been released and we are pleased to provide you with all of the important details. As usual, this update includes a vast number of improvements and new innovations, making the software even more superior than ever before and ensuring that it remains as the benchmark in multibrand diagnosis… Read more »

Jaltest 18.2 Software Update Now Available

Last month, Jaltest released the Jaltest 18.2 software update, which is packed full of new innovations and improvements. The update provides coverage for 377 models, 3,478 systems, includes 2,275 diagrams and new technical information that includes step-by-step troubleshooting guides, diagnosis help, and much more. An example of the new improvements and innovations is shown below: –… Read more »