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Advanced Jaltest training courses

Advanced Trailer: 29-30 July 2014 At the end of this 2 day course candidates will be able to confidently programme a new trailer ECU from scratch. Advanced AdBlue: 31 July – 1 Aug 2014 Learn to interpret the information Jaltest provides to quickly diagnose and rectify AdBlue & emissions faults. Source: I’ve heard really… Read more »

Eclipse Diagnostics: Jaltest Soft 14.2 diagnostic software released

Jaltest Euro 6 coverage The premier multi-make heavy vehicle diagnostics software has received the second update of the year with comprehensive Euro VI support throughout. Most of the changes are in the core Heavy … Source: As we’ve come to expect from Jaltest diagnostics – they’re all over Euro6.Still the best all makes commercial vehicle… Read more »

Scania truck with Euro 6 engine wins German environmental award …

See on – Truck Diagnostics Scania has the environmentally lowest-impact truck in the heavy tractor class, according to the respected German transport trade magazines VerkehrsRundschau and Trucker, which have given the Scania G 410 their Green … Scoopmaster‘s insight: Awesome truck with the latest emissions busting engine  – and it’s already completely covered in Jaltest… Read more »

Jaltest 14.1 Software released –

See on – Truck Diagnostics Euro 6 coverage introduced and trailer ECUs more easily identified. Scoopmaster‘s insight: I’m lucky enough to actually use this software and it is truly awesome.Unlike the other major multi-brand truck tool Jaltest never seems to drop the ball on updates. Solid, dependable performance is guaranteed and development is led… Read more »