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Jaltest multibrand diagnosis for trucks, commercial vehicles, trailers, light vehicles, tractors, plant and military vehicles.


This new Jaltest UK website showcases vehicle diagnostic equipment of particular interest to UK diagnostic technicians. The coverage section shows what ECUs are covered for any given vehicle – and it all works well on your mobile too!

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Jaltest diagnostic cables update

Buy vehicle diagnostic cables online at Eclipse Diagnostic shop

The full range of Jaltest additional diagnostic cables are available to buy in the Eclipse diagnostic shop. They’ve recently added all of the newly released Jaltest truck, trailer and agri cables and made sure you can buy them using your mobile phone.

This looks like a great place to replace damaged diagnostic cables or get that extra cable not included as standard.
They’ve got OBD cables here for Jaltest, Texa and Autocom devices.
I really like the look of their OBD saver cable which is basically a sacrificial OBD passthru device.

Diagnostic cables saver

Eclipse say:

We see a fair number of worn OBD cables here in our workshop and they can cause downtime while a replacement is sent. Save yourself the time, hassle and expense using an Eclipse OBD cable saver. Leave the OBD cable saver on the end of your more precious OBD lead and let it take the wear and tear.  It’s much cheaper and, should it succumb to a tricky OBD socket, it will have proved its worth. You can then carefully use your original OBD lead without the OBD cable saver while you immediately reorder.

Jaltest software patch available addresses the following: – Mercedes Be…

Jaltest software patch available addresses the following:
– Mercedes Benz FR (drive control) system: resolved a bug to set fan clutch.
– Haldex EB+ Gen3: auxiliary input setting issue resolved.


Jaltest is staying ahead of the development curve as usual 😉

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Jaltest 14.3 released

Now covering 208 brands, 3994 models and 35,032 systems!
In 14.3 Jaltest Soft provides 13,774 wiring diagrams and 8,069 technical information articles.


Check out those vehicle systems coverage stats!
Actually the most useful innovation in the latest Jaltest software release looks like "system display".  This allows the technician to visualise in a schematic the different inputs and outputs controlled by a system.

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