Latest Safety Technologies from WABCO Now Available in Hino Trucks

TRME-HinoWABCO Holdings, global supplier of technologies that improve the safety, efficiency and connectivity of commercial vehicles, has entered into a strategic partnership with US-headquartered Hino Trucks to provide its latest generation braking control technology and a range of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for the latter’s forthcoming heavy-duty truck debut in North America.

Hino will offer their new XL7 and XL8 trucks with WABCO’s breakthrough OnGuardACTIVE™ collision mitigation system onboard. (Image source: WABCO)

WABCO will furnish Hino Trucks with a range of technologies from its portfolio of industry-leading safety and vehicle control technologies to support Hino’s all-new XL Series line of Class 7 and 8 heavy-duty trucks which will begin series production in early 2019. These include WABCO’s breakthrough modular braking system platform mBSP™ to enable anti-lock braking (ABS), ESCsmart™ electronic stability control and products from its suite of industry-leading ADAS technologies.

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Global On-Board Diagnostics Aftermarket Industry to Surpass $1.5bn by 2024

vehicle diagnosticsOn-board Diagnostics (OBD) Aftermarket is expected to cross USD 1.5 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc.

The increasing emphasis on developing connected vehicle solutions and the growing adoption of IoT technology in the automobile sector are driving the growth of the OBD aftermarket.

The increase in vehicle production, particularly LCVs and HCVs, has generated the demand for more stringent emission control standards, whilst government agencies around the world have implemented stringent emission control regulations to combat the increasing impact of air pollution on the environment.

The hardware segment held a majority share of over 40% in the On-board diagnostics aftermarket in 2017 due to the large-scale adoption of traditional OBD scanners such as scan tools and code readers to access the vehicle’s OBD port.

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Female Trucker Loves Life Behind the Wheel of Her 44 Tonne Lorry

lorrydriverWe love a feel good story and this one about  just needed to be shared.

According to an article in Portsmouth News, Katie is a 24 year old woman with a degree in photography and a huge love of trucking.

‘I have always loved lorries,’ said Katie.

‘Even as a child when I would go on family holidays I would be fascinated by the lorries on the road. I was intrigued as to where they had been and where their final destinations could be,’ she added.

As a result, Katie decided to pursue a career in trucking and obstained her class one articulated lorry licence in February 2017, and she now works for Maritime Transport based in Southampton.

She can regularly be found behind the wheel of her 44 tonne truck heading to destinations around the UK.

‘The best aspect of my job is going to different places and meeting new people. I have always loved driving and travelling to so many places every day is so different. There is also a freedom to being on road where I get to organise my own time. I love being in my cabin departing on a new journey with my music on,’ explained Katie.

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UK Weather Was So Hot Entire Lorries Melted into the Road

It might be hard to believe but, during the recent scorching weather in the UK, entire lorries were melting into the road.

Yes, you read correctly.

During the 33C heatwave a bin lorry sank into a melted road in Newbury, Berkshire, which resulted in the truck blocking an entire street.

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